Pulled A Muscle During Workout? Here’s How To Deal With It(2023)

How does muscle strain occur?

A muscle strain is accompanied by a popping or snapping sensation indicating that the muscle tissue is stretched excessively. This can especially happen in certain sections of the body, such as the lower back, neck, shoulder or hamstring muscle which is located in the back of the thigh. In simple words, muscle strain happens when you tear a muscle, and it can be painful. Bruising and weakness of the muscles are common signs of muscle strain.

Know what causes muscle strain. 

Treatment for a pulled muscle

The treatment procedure for a pulled muscle depends upon the type and severity of the injury. For a minor pulled muscle, anti-inflammatory pain relievers such as ibuprofen (Advil) or aspirin are recommended to reduce swelling and pain. Most muscle strains can be properly treated by the RICE method to prevent further complications.

What is the RICE method?

One popular method for pulled muscle is the RICE method which stands for rest, ice, compression, and elevation. In this method, a person is required to follow these steps:

  • Take adequate rest by avoiding physical strenuous activities to help heal the strained muscle.
  • Use cold packs to ice the strained muscle approximately four to eight times a day for a period of 20 minutes.
  • Compressing the strained muscle by exerting a steady, gentle pressure to prevent swelling and inflammation.
  • Elevating the injury area above the heart level by using pillows to raise the affected limb helps reduce swelling.

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