7 Interesting Psychological Facts About Sex That Go Unnoticed

Sex has always been a topic of interest. Of course, at some point in our life, we will experience it. Perhaps, that is why people have a lot of questions about the topic.


In today’s article, I will be discussing some interesting psychological facts about sex that people may not know. 


#1. Some People Are Wired to Want More Sex


Generally, people have different levels of sexual motivations. And these motivations are often influenced by complex factors like hormones, cognition, learning, and culture.


A study from the University of California Los Angeles suggests that how your brain is wired may affect the number of sexual partners you will have.


During the study, researchers had subjects view images while performing brain scans. And some of the photographs were sexually suggestive.


After the brain scan, the researchers investigated the sexual behaviors of the subjects within the past year. And those who were with multiple sex partners had more activities in their brains when viewing sexual images.


#2. Lower Cholesterol Can Boost Performance During Intercourse  


A study conducted by the Rutgers Robert Medical Schools in 2014 revealed that men who take statins and other medications to lower cholesterol can help men improve their erectile function.


Of course, you can’t take Statins or other related medications for improving sexual performance. But keeping your cholesterol in check will go a long way to boost your performance during sex.


According to experts, when your cholesterol levels are high, it could contribute to erectile dysfunction.


#3. Men are More Interested in Satisfying Their Partners During Sex


Generally, men aren’t selfish during sex. They are more concerned about satisfying their partners and help them orgasm.


According to neuroscientists, men are hardwired to pay attention to their partners during sex. And men can start developing feelings of distrust and suspicion when their partners aren’t “responsive” or “engaged” during sex.


#4. Young Men Often Feel Pressured to Have Sex Quickly in a Relationship


in reality, men are not as obsessed with sex as the media suggests. According to a recent survey, about 56 percent of men felt relieved when a female partner expressed their desire to delay having sex.


Similarly, 21 percent of men between the age of 15 to 21 years old felt pressured to go further sexually than they felt comfortable with.


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#5. Birth Control Can Influence a Woman’s Attraction Towards Certain Types of Men


Some studies revealed that when women take some hormonal contractive, they tend to show less attraction towards men with masculine physical characteristics and high testosterone levels.


A 2012 Scottish study showed discovered that women are not likely to separate from their partner and more financially satisfied while on a birth control pill than those who weren’t.


The study also suggested that women on birth control pills are less sexually attracted to their partners. And when they engage in intimacy, they won’t be as sexually satisfied compared to if they were not on a birth control pill.


#6. Sexual Attraction is Affected by Ovulation


Several studies suggested that women tend to be more attractive when they are ovulating. A study revealed that men found the faces of ovulating women more attractive.


Another study found that men rate armpit odors from women at different stages of their menstrual cycle. And the study found that the odor that’s most attractive to men is women’s scent during their ovulation.  


More advanced research suggested that fertile women are more attractive to alpha males during ovulation. The study further revealed that ovulation is like an aphrodisiac.


#7. Sex Can Become Boring for Long Term Couples


There’s a common belief out there that sexual satisfaction tends to diminish with time when couples have spent a long time together. 


Well, it’s not entirely true. Long-term couples can still have an enjoyable sex life if they work on it. 


A recent study from the University of Toronto revealed that long-term partners can still have a great sex life, but it requires effort.


So, if you want your sex life to be wonderful, you need to put in some work now and then. Basically, it requires you to communicate your concerns with your partner. 


Which of these facts about sex surprise you most? Let me know in the comments below.



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