Practice These 3 Simple Exercise To Get Sculpted Abs Like Malakia Arora(2023)

1. Middle split stretch

A middle split, also known as centre split, is a position where you extend both your legs on opposite sides in a 180-degree angle. Next, you need to keep your hands behind your head and reach your knees with your elbows, stretching your waist on both sides.

Benefits: This pose helps you to strengthen your hips, quadriceps, and adductor muscles. It also improves the body’s flexibility by opening your hips, strengthening your glutes and inner thighs. It targets your core, which naturally results in a strong posture.

2. Downward Dog leg raises

Put your hands shoulder-width apart and get into the cat pose. Now keep your hips squared with the floor and raise your right leg off the ground behind you. Then bring your right knee forward, close to your face. Repeat with the other leg.

Benefits: This pose helps to stretch the back and build upper body strength. It will strengthen your arms and core, improve flexibility and tighten the abdominal structure that also prevents injuries.

3. Alternate leg raises

Start by lying down on the ground with your legs extended. Now slowly raise your one leg up in the air to a height which is comfortable to you. Bring it down, and raise your other leg. Repeat.

Benefits: This pose helps to tone, strengthen and tighten your abdominal muscles. It also helps with weight loss. You can also strengthen your hamstrings, calf muscle, and glutes with leg raises.

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