Postpartum Diet: Healthy Tips For Lactating Mothers In 2023

Postpartum diet: Quick tips for lactating mothers

A nutritious postpartum diet is the most basic way to speed up post-pregnancy recovery and also help in the baby’s growth and development. Here are some tips for lactating mothers.

Have a healthy postpartum diet for yourself and the baby. 

Pregnancy and postpostpartum are two crucial phase in a women’s life. Intake of nutritious food during pregnancy supports overall growth and development of the little one to result in a healthy pregnancy outcome. But postpartum nutrition is also an equally important step for recovery. The right nutrition during after childbirth sets the stage for good health in the longer run. During the postpartum period, women’s energy levels are low, metabolism is sluggish, there’s a sudden surge in hormones and many more physiological changes are experienced. To combat this, the right postpartum diet is necessary.

Right nutrition and balanced meals have a strong impact on breastfeeding and growth of the newborn. But the benefits are far beyond.

Postpartum diet tips for a lactating mother

1. Sufficient hydration is the key to keep up the energy levels.
2. Proportionate intake of major nutrients (carbohydrates, protein and fat) will meet the caloric requirements.
3. Increase intake of fruits and vegetables to meet the fiber requirements. This will help to keep digestion issues at bay.
4. Curb caffeine intake to increase nutrient absorption and avoid sleep disturbances.
5. Restrict on the intake of empty calories to avoid unnecessary weight gain.
6. Concentrate on regular intake of galactogogues to keep the lactation ongoing.

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