Post Abortion: Things To Keep In Mind After First Post-Abortion(2023)

Things to keep in mind after getting first period post-abortion

You can always follow up with a gynecologist on the arrival of menstruation post-abortion.

• There is always a possibility that it may be associated with a heavy flow. If menstruation does not arrive at the end of six weeks, a gynaecologist can check for post-abortion complications.
• Continuous bleeding or spotting post-abortion also means you need help of a gynaecologist. The possibility of retained products of pregnancy needs to be evaluated.
• Post-abortion if there is irregular bleeding, pain and fever, the woman
needs to consult a gynaecologist in order to rule out any infection.

Abortions do not affect the future pregnancies or fertility. However,
recurrent termination, especially surgical can cause scarring of the
uterus. Also, after an abortion, you may spot some changes in your menstrual cycle, but they shouldn’t always be a reason for you to worry.

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