Positive Ways To Recognise The Signs Of Acute Stroke(2023)

Recognising the signs of acute stroke

Acute strokes often occur suddenly, without any warning signs. They can happen within seconds or minutes, and some patients may only experience slight discomfort or a mild headache.

There is a useful tool called FAST that helps identify the signs of a stroke:

  • F – Face: If one side of the face is drooping, it could be a potential symptom of stroke.
  • A – Arm weakness: If the patient is unable to lift up their arm or has weakness in it.
  • S – Speech: Slurred speech or the inability to speak at all.
  • T – Time: If someone displays these symptoms, it is crucial to rush them to the hospital and begin treatment.

If a patient presents with one or two of these symptoms, there is a high likelihood, about 8-9 times out of 10, that they are experiencing a stroke. Therefore, if one or more of these symptoms are present, immediate medical attention is necessary. Other signs of stroke can include visual symptoms, such as the loss of vision in one eye or a cutoff vision in half of the visual field.

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