Positive Affirmations To Overcome Grief

Grief affirmations are short and powerful sayings that you repeat to yourself when you need a little mental or spiritual boost. In time, these expressions become your thoughts, which ultimately create your reality. In this article, we shall examine the positive affirmations to overcome grief.

Here Are Some Positive Affirmations To Overcome Grief

1. My Heart Feels Lighter Every Day

Grief makes the heart and body feel heavy. I felt like I was carrying around another me at certain points.

The problem is that as you focus on your heart feeling so heavy, you feel worse. It’s a reminder of what’s going on, why you feel the way you do, and the loss that you are enduring.

Using the positive affirmation, my heart feels lighter every day, helps you to stop focusing on the heaviness, and find the thoughts, energy, and feelings to help you feel lighter.

2. I Can Cope With The Grieving Process

I found this to be an important positive affirmation to use because at a few points, I thought I wasn’t going to be able to cope at all, and that was leading me down a very negative path.

You must believe that you can cope with the grieving process. You must believe that you are strong enough to go through it because, unfortunately, you have to go through it before you can heal. It would be nice if we could just skip to feeling good, but we can’t.

3. I Allow Myself To Grieve And Then Move On

This is another important affirmation to let sink into your subconscious. You need to believe that there will be a point when you will be able to move on from this grief. If you don’t, then there is a very real possibility that you will be stuck at this moment forever.

Who wants to be stuck in a negative state of grief forever?

And, would the person or animal you are grieving over want you to be stuck in grief for more time than necessary?

I’ve discovered that letting go of grief is not about forgetting about what happened. It’s about honoring yourself and whoever you lost in a positive way.

4. Every Day I Feel Better And Happier

There are only two ways to go: You can sink further into grief every day or you can head towards feeling better and happier every day.

As you can see from the following illustration, grief is very low on the energy vibration scale. The emotions below are apathy, depression, guilt, insecurity, shame, powerlessness, despair, and death. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to go down into any of those emotions, especially death.

I choose to use the affirmation, every day I feel better and happier and remind myself that each day can help me heal and feel better emotions if I allow it to.

5. I am Ready To Start Living My Life Again

Anyone who is feeling grief knows that life seems to stop in its tracks. The daily habits, goals, and joy you used to have come to a stop because your focus is on the pain that you feel.

But, if you keep affirming to yourself that you are ready to start living life again, you will start to focus on your life.

For me, that meant getting back into my Lifebook and reorganizing my goals and what I wanted my day to look like now that it didn’t include Goliath anymore. Once I started to focus on my future, I was able to overcome my grief a little more.

6. I give Myself The Time And Space To Get Over My Grief

Do not ignore your grief. If you do, then you will have to deal with it later.

Face your grief head-on. Allow yourself to reflect on things, be sad, work through issues in your mind, and do whatever else you need to do to start to overcome the grief you are feeling.

Those emotions arise for a reason. They are a part of us and have a purpose.

I think, in part, emotions like grief help us experience pain – both physically and mentally – so that we can appreciate the times when we feel good.

7. I Deserve To Be Happy And Enjoy Life

This positive affirmation is so true. When grieving, it’s easy to get caught up in the negative affirmation of I DON’T deserve to be happy, but that’s not true.

Why wouldn’t you deserve to be happy and enjoy life?

Why would one part of life determine how you should go through the rest of your life?

We all deserve to be happy and enjoy our lives. Those are two of our basic rights as human beings.

So, this affirmation will help lift you out of your despair and find more happiness and enjoyment in your day.

8. I am Able To Look Ahead To A Bright Future

You are stronger than you think. That’s what I’ve learned through this grieving process.

I used to picture the day Goliath would pass away and visualize myself crumbling into a pile of weakness. I didn’t think I would be able to overcome the grief that I was feeling. But, apparently, I was wrong. I’ve been feeling better every single day and I have found myself able to look forward to a bright future, even without him in it.

Honestly, I feel like he will always be there with me in some way. I’m sad that he can’t be there with me physically, but I know that his energy and his place in my heart will always be around.

9. I am In Control Of My Emotions

One of the things that I strongly believe in is our ability to influence our emotions in a way we want to.

For instance, if I want to feel sad, I can listen to some sad music or focus on sad facts about Goliath’s death. I can feel sad if I want to. I have control over that.

I can also choose to feel good. I can get out into nature and feel connected and alive. I can focus on how much Goliath enjoyed his life and how much fun he had and feel grateful. I can play with my other dog who is full of life and happiness. I can choose to do something I love, which helps me to feel good.

I have a lot of control over my emotions.

Even after you start to overcome your grief a bit, overwhelming grief can still hit you when you least expect it. But, when you affirm to yourself that you are in control of your emotions, you will find yourself taking action to help yourself feel better when you start to feel down.

10. I Can Be Happy And Optimistic

Some people think that they are just pessimistic by nature. I think it’s simply a case of not affirming to themselves that they have any control over their emotions.

When you believe the above affirmation, you start to believe this affirmation that you can be happy and optimistic. And when you believe that, you start to look for ways to be happier and your thoughts become more hopeful for the future.

I’ve found that to be a huge benefit to overcoming grief. It helps you get unstuck from the past, where the grief lives, and then helps you move forward to something brighter and better. I hope you find this article helpful as well as interesting.

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