Poor Sleep! Tips You Should Do To Ensure Good Night Sleep In 2023

Here’s the link between your sleep and health

Lead author Serena Sabatini, of the University of Exeter, said, “As we age, we all experience both positive and negative changes in many areas of our lives. However, some people perceive more negative changes than others.

“As we know that having a negative perception of ageing can be detrimental to future physical health, mental health, and cognitive health, an open question in ageing research is to understand what makes people more negative about ageing.”

You should nap for a minimum of 6 hours daily. 

The study needs to be explored further, but Sabatini says the findings could be a sign that addressing sleep difficulties could promote a better perception of ageing, and that in turn, could have other health benefits.

In the research, 4,482 people aged 50 and over were surveyed. The participants were asked whether they had experienced a list of negative age-related changes, such as poorer memory, less energy, increased dependence on the help of others, decreased motivation, and having to limit their activities. They also rated their quality of sleep.

Health problems due to lack of sleep

Doctors have for long pointed at the health issues that can be caused by a lack of snooze time.

From cardiovascular disease, depression, decline in cognitive health to weight gain, poor sex drive and skin problems – it can affect your body and mind in multiple ways.

Here’s what to avoid to have a good night’s sleep:
  • Avoid drinking coffee near at bedtime
  • Reduce exposure to lights when it’s nap time
  • Say no to snacking
  • Avoid exercising, but you can do some bedtime yoga
  • Keep stress at bay.

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