Please Advice Me, My Virgin Girlfriend is Pregnant for Another Man

Dear Love Doctor,

I have been dating this girl for about 2 years + of which her Mom is fully aware.

The girl said she’s a virgin and wanted a platonic relationship to which I agreed. I have been supportive at my best.

Mind you, she’s 23 and I’m 29, however,  the issue here is that she schooled in a private university in Kwara state and has recently proceeded to school in another state far from where I reside.

Before she left for school I did a lot of shopping for stuff for her that will last a while, gave her pocket money that will last for like 3 months, frequently recharged her phone and subscribed for her.

I made it a duty to always call her both on normal calls and on Whatsapp.

I send morning text, afternoon, evening and night texts. Even, I send random romantic messages just to make her feel better and happy, but it dawned on me that I was wasting my time and resources.


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She called me on a Monday saying that she don’t know how it happened but she hasn’t seen her period and with her calculations it’s passed the time and also with my own calculations it has passed with more than three weeks, she said seems she’s pregnant and wants to go for a test because her nipples were hurting.

I was confused as to what happened until she told me she had sex with a guy she met a couple of months ago and then they had unprotected sex on her demand.

The challenging thing here is that my mind is disturbed, I’m disappointed at what she did, the only reasonable explanation she could come up with was that she craved physical touch when I wasn’t there and the guy was available so that was how it happened.

To this girl, I have been nothing short of honest, faithful, loyal, loving, caring, understanding only to be taken as a fool.

I don’t double date, she has been the only girlfriend I have since I can’t love any other girl. Now, I can’t seem to trust her since what happened.


What advice do you have for me?

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