Planning On Weight Loss Journey? Health Effects Of Pumpkin On Your Weight Loss Journey(2023)

Here’s how pumpkin aids weight loss
Surprisingly, there are a host of health benefits that pumpkins have to offer:

1. Low in calories: Did you know 100 grams of raw pumpkin contains only 26 calories, as per USDA data? So you can nosh on pumpkin as much as you want without piling on the calories!

2. High in Fibre: And it’s not just about nutrients, for every 200 grams of pumpkin you eat, you get 1 gram of fibre! Fibre is critical for digestive health, which is not only good for weight loss but also curbs hunger pangs. Time to stock up your veggie basket with pumpkin.

Don’t judge pumpkin for the way it looks, revere it for its health benefits.

3. Great post-workout food: Not many know that pumpkins are a powerhouse of potassium, making them a great post-workout food for muscle recovery. A 100 gram serving of pumpkin contains 340 mg of potassium, which is way higher than the amount present in bananas!

4. Boosts immunity: Pumpkins also contain vitamin C and beta carotene, which makes this veggie an immunity booster. Good immunity means enhanced weight loss!

5. Boosts mood and tackles stress: Pumpkins never cease to surprise us. They contain tryptophan, an amino acid that elevates your mood and at the same time, fights stress. Having a good mood is important to sustain your weight loss game!

Also, listen:

Dr Sharma lists a range of other benefits that make pumpkin a ‘miracle food’ for weight loss. She says: “Pumpkin is an excellent food for nutrition as it pacifies the vata (air) and pitta (fire) element. Both support weight loss as it helps the body to balance its metabolism. It is soothing for the gut, as it can rebalance the bacteria and health, especially when juice is consumed. It is good for fertility because of the minerals, and excellent for eyes and skin because it is rich in beta carotene.”

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