Plank Exercise: Meaning And Health Benefits Of Plank Exercise(2023)

Meaning Of Plank Exercise

A plank is an isomeric exercise that is mainly done to strengthen the core muscles, says certified fitness trainer Rachit Dua. Core muscles include the rectus abdominis, internal obliques, external obliques, transverse abdominis, quadratus lumborum and the erector spinae group that holds the spine upright.

Plank exercise is good for core muscles. 

Average plank time

Well, there is no thumb rule as such when it comes to duration. You can perform the set and try to do it until failure. Basically, you can continue the exercise until you are able to maintain the neutral posture, says Dua. Some find 10 to 30 seconds of plank exercise to be enough. But with time, you can extend your plank time for up to one minute.

It is all about slowly increasing the frequency and duration of the exercise. But always remember that a correct form should always be your top priority.

Benefits of plank exercise

A 2014 study published by ResearchGate revealed that regular core strengthening can be a factor in reducing chronic back pain. So, if you want to reduce back pain, you can do plank exercise.

Here are some benefits:

• People with lower back issues can also perform planks. In fact, it will make their lower back stronger.
• Since it is a body weight exercise, it can be done anywhere, so you don’t need fancy equipment.
• You can strengthen multiple core muscles just with this single exercise. Also, some degree of lower body muscles also get the advantage of this isometric move.
• Exercises like squatting and dead-lifting can leave you with injuries if you don’t have a strong core. So, do more planking to prevent exercise-related injuries.
• A strong core also means less stress on the joints.
• With a strong core, you may also achieve better posture.

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