6 Crucial Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer

These are the very first questions you’ll want to ask when talking to prospective wedding photographers, as they’ll indicate whether or not it’s worth having additional conversations. After all, if they’re not available on your wedding day or you feel uncomfortable with answers around who will actually document your day, this is likely not the best fit.

Is my wedding date available?

This one is likely pretty obvious, but it’s a poor use of everyone’s time to have a conversation with a photographer who isn’t available on  your wedding date.  You don’t want to get attached to a professional you won’t be able to hire, and your time will be better spent contacting available photographers instead.

Will you be the one shooting my wedding? If not, can I meet the photographer who will be on-site?

Some wedding photographers work as part of a collective, so it’s important to understand who you are hiring for your wedding day. If the person you’re talking to isn’t the person who will document your big day, it’s important to know that upfront; you’ll want to be sure you have just as strong of a connection with the photographer who will be with you throughout the celebration.

How many other weddings will you photograph that weekend?

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong answer to this question, but you’ll want to feel comfortable with the response they give. Some photographers will only shoot one wedding per weekend, but others are willing to take on more than one event. If you’re having  a far-flung destination wedding and know that the photographer is already contracted for a celebration somewhere else the night before, you may have concerns about whether or not they’ll make it to your nuptials on time.

Will you have any assistants with you on our wedding day?

Some photographers always work with an assistant, while others determine if they need one based on the size of your event. If they do not always work with an assistant, adding an assistant or second photographer to your contract will most likely incur an additional fee.

How long have you been shooting weddings? How many weddings have you photographed?

While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with hiring new talent, it is important to know if you’re talking to a seasoned pro or someone who is just getting started so that you can prepare accordingly.

Do you often shoot weddings that have a similar size and style to the one we are planning?

A great wedding photographer can capture any type of celebration, but there is a difference between shooting a 75 person wedding and a celebration with over 300 guests. It’s important to know that your photographer has an understanding of how they’ll document the day, whether or not they need to bring in additional photographers, and if they’re the right fit for what you want. Even if they haven’t shot a wedding that’s just like yours, confident answers about how they’ll document your day will be important.

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