Period Panties: Best Reusable Period Panties In 2023

Best reusable period panties in 2023

1. Kotex Reusable Period Underwear

The brand, reputed for its menstrual health products, has introduced this reusable period underwear. It claims to absorb as much blood as 2 regular pads in a go. It is designed with leak-proof technology, promising 12-hour protection. Suitable for light and medium flow days, these period panties are easy to wash and provide good coverage. You can wash and reuse this product upto around 50 times!

2. Sirona Reusable Period Panties for Women

With an absorbance capacity of almost 60 ml, this reusable period panty offers comfort, safety and style. Its triple protection, multilayered design give maximum absorption, making them ideal for heavy flow days. Women may even use it to manage postpartum bleeding. What’s more? It is also size-friendly with an option to buy one in XXL.

3. HEALTHFAB; The Fabulous You Gopadfree Heavy Period Panty

This is a cotton, hipster style underwear that gives you ample coverage and reduces chances of a leak. Perfect for someone with a medium to heavy flow, this one urges you to go pad free! This reusable period panty is made with a special leak-proof technology and allows you to spend your period days just like any other day of the month. One reason why we’re all heart for this is because its sale also benefits underprivileged girls through proceeds.

4. EnaBela Women’s Bamboo Period Panties

Here’s a unique reusable period underwear brand! It os made of bamboo fibre, a step up when it comes to sustainable period products. The fabric is anti-microbial and moisture-wicking. It offers breathability while keeping you safe and comfortable during your period.

5. Lavos Women’s Period Panty Hipster Leak Proof Underwear

Lavos brings you stylish and effective period panties. Whether you have low or medium flow, try these colourful underwear options to make your menstrual cycle free from stress and disposable products. Made of bamboo cotton, it offers 4 layers of protection and has high coverage on sides. For a heavy flow day, it would be better to use this period panty with a sanitary pad. But lighter days will be sorted!

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