5 People Sigma Males Can NEVER Be Friends With

5 People Sigma Males Can NEVER Be Friends With


Sigma males are the most misunderstood men in the manosphere. While they have suddenly become a media sensation, people still don’t know about the lone wolf.


But if you understand the sigma males’ traits and mindsets, you will realize that they perfectly understand everything happening around them.


Lone wolves are not particularly aggressive, but they enjoy spending time alone.


Again, sigma males have a small friend circle. You can only become a sigma males’ friend if you don’t judge his actions or behavior.


However, there are certain types of people the sigma males always avoid. Lone wolves keep their distance from these people because they are worst than a pandemic.


Once a sigma male realizes that spending time with a particular person could cost him peace, he immediately distances himself from these people.


In this article, we will discuss the 5 people sigma males can never be friends with.



Like I always say, sigma males are not superhumans or demigods. They are like every other person; but with different mindsets.


The lone wolves aspire to have a loving and caring family, partner, and a few friends they can trust.


However, the fear of having a bad and toxic friend makes the sigma male very careful of who they mingle with.


Being around toxic people could affect the sigma males’ creativity and productivity. That is why sigma males can Never be friends with These People.


#1. People Who Always Need Something


To a sigma male, friendship should be symbiotic. The lone wolf will immediately review his relationship with someone if that person only talks or hangs out with him when they need something.


Once any of the sigma males’ friends exhibit this trait, it’s clear that they are toxic.


Let me explain this better. It’s perfectly normal to ask your friend for assistance. And because the sigma male is a loyal friend, he would always assist any of his friends in need.


But friends who only reach out to you when they need something from you are not worth the title “friend”.


These people only keep you in their contact because of what they think they can get from you. And when such benefits stop coming, they immediately end the friendly.


Once a sigma male notices this trait in any of his friends, he starts avoiding that person. This type of people can’t contribute to your growth and advancement.


Sigma males love friendship with mutual interest. And once he realizes that the interest is one-sided, he starts avoiding that person.


As we advance in life, our priorities change, which includes loyalty to our close friends. Sigma males have no issues with this. It’s part of human nature.


it could be due to the project their friends are working on or their partner. But what the sigma male frowns out is when you only look for him whenever you need something.


And once you get whatever you want from the sigma male, you disappear and never reach out again.


It gives sigma males the impression that these people see them as those they can take from. So, sigmas won’t hesitate to avoid these people and focus on those few friends who are genuinely interested in being their friends.


#2. People Who Gaslight Them


Sigma males can never be friends with people with gaslighting tendencies. Gaslighting is a form of manipulation that people use in abusive relationships.


When you are a friend with this person, they try to control you, by twisting your sense of reality.


Gaslighters have a way of convincing their victims that they are mentally unfit or too sensitive. And once a sigma male spots gaslighter, he immediately avoids them.


It doesn’t matter whether you are a friend, partner, or family member, once you are a gaslighter, sigma males will always put you at arm’s length.


Sigma males know how dangerous gaslighters can be. They can make someone as focused as the sigma male question his thoughts, memories, and things happening around them.


So, once a sigma male notices any gaslighting tendency in you, he immediately cut off whatever relationship he has with you.


High-value sigma males sometimes avoid their parents if they tend to gaslight them.


#3. People Who Never Reaches Out to Them


Sigma males don’t appreciation a friendship where they are the ones who always make plans to meet. You may think it’s normal. But it’s a common trait of a toxic friend.


To sigma males, one-sided friendship is a waste of effort and time. It’s painful when you have friends who think they are doing you a favor by answering your calls or responding to your text.


Sigma males don’t like being in an exhausting situation when their friends make them feel underappreciated. So, they won’t hesitate to cut off friends who don’t reach out.


#4. People Who Always Talk About Themselves  


Sigma males don’t like spending time with people who do nothing else but talk about themselves.


These people are so obsessed with talking about themselves that even when you tell them about a problem or challenge you are experiencing, they end up talking about themselves.


Sigma males consider people who always talk about themselves liabilities than friends.


These people are the most frustrating type of friends you can think of. They are not reliable. And the moment they spend time with you, the entire conversation will revolve around them.


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#5. People Who Always Talk Down on them 


Sigma males are not like most men. They have a high level of self-confidence and will never settle for less.


And once a sigma male spots someone who always tries to say negative things about them, they cut that person off immediately.


Of course, sigma males don’t give a damn about what people think of them. But they try to avoid naysayers at all costs. That his how they keep their sigma energy active.


Sigma males never feel envious of their friends. Whether they get a promotion or achieve something exceptional, sigma males never feel jealous or say to themselves – “why me?”


Instead, he will feel excited and use those feelings as a driving force for achieving his goals.


However, it’s a different ball game when a sigma male’s friend comes to him to brag about their promotion just to make the lone wolf feel inferior.


Funnily, he will not feel inferior. He will only smile and congratulate them. But he will stop being friends with such people with a shallow mentality.


Can you relate to any of the situations discussed in this video? If yes, it’s time to revaluate your friends and start spending more time with positive people.


Toxic friendship never yields a good result. It will always affect your overall well-being negatively.


Have you had experience with any of the people discussed in this video? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section.


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