Peanut Oil: Health Benefits Of Cooking With Peanut Oil(2023)

1. Peanut oil aids weight loss

There are many of us who try to pull every string possible but are unable to lose weight because our metabolism isn’t all that great. Turns out, consuming peanut oil can help you boost your metabolism and contribute to weight loss.

Go nuts for peanuts! 

In fact, a study conducted by Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and published in the current online issue of the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition claims that those who ate peanuts or peanut oil had a two times higher likelihood of reversing their metabolic syndrome.

2. It improves sensitivity to insulin

“For diabetic patients, peanut oil is a safe option. This is because peanut oil has a high content of unsaturated fats which boosts insulin sensitivity and keeps blood sugar levels under control,” suggests Ms Nayyar.

3. It helps in hair growth

Why subject your scalp to harsh chemicals when you can apply peanut oil and keep your tresses healthy? The vitamin E present in it strengthens the hair follicles, reduce the effect of any damage and prevents dandruff.

4. Peanut Oil is a great anti-ageing product

“Peanut oil is a rich source of vitamin E and has anti-ageing properties. This oil helps to minimize visible symptoms of ageing such as dark spots, fine lines, wrinkles, patchy skin, and pigmentation”, said Ms Nayyar.

5. It prevents inflammatory problems like arthritis

Arthritis is a disease that arises due to inflammation of the bones. It can be extremely painful, especially during the winter months. Peanut Oil can ease the pain and also reduce the joint inflammation associated with it. It tends to strengthen the joints as well.


6. It helps in reducing the risk of cancer

“As the oil is full of antioxidants, it is an excellent addition to your diet for the prevention of different forms of cancers,” suggests Ms Nayyar.

7. Peanut Oil is great for those who have cardiovascular problems

This oil contains healthy cholesterol or HDL, which reduces bad cholesterol levels. Peanut oil does not contribute to arterial blockage and also helps maintain the levels of cholesterol in the body.

8. It gives you acne-free skin

If acne has been troubling you, peanut oil can certainly save you. You see, peanut oil combats any inflammation that can result in acne. Plus, its antibacterial properties also make it a perfect fit for your gut and skin.

So, start using peanut oil for cooking and stay healthy!

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