Peanut Butter: Effect Of Peanut Butter On Your Weight Loss Journey(2023)

Peanut butter not only helps control appetite but also suppresses blood sugar. A study published in The Journal of Nutrition, found that eating peanut products prior to eating a meal contributes to a feeling of fullness thus reducing consumption of food. This feeling of fullness results in more efficient weight loss.

A Department of Nutrition and Health, Federal University of Viçosa in Brazil, also found that those research volunteers who had about three tablespoons of peanut butter felt fuller for longer and had less desire to eat.

Spread some peanut butter on high-fibre wholewheat bread and bask in its weight loss benefits.

Of course, the fact that peanut butter contains a high percentage of protein, which is thought to aid weight loss, helps too.

Not all peanut butters are the same though
If you’re thinking of including peanut butter in your diet for the sake of weight loss, then you need to ensure that the brand you buy does not contain added sugar, salt, and preservatives.

Preservatives often contain food additives or chemicals, which can have a harmful effect on health. A Harvard Health study found that preservatives may contain phthalates that increases the risk of obesity and cardiovascular disease.

Also keep in mind that buying a sweetened version might be counterproductive as all the goodness of the peanuts might not give you the weight loss you had in mind thanks to the added sugar.

How much is enough when it comes to peanut butter and weight loss?
Portion control is key here. You can peanut butter in dips and smoothies, or spread it on crackers or over popcorn to give it a twist for consumption. Peanut butter contains only 20% carbs which makes it suitable for a low-carb diet.
Now that you know, relish peanut butter to the fullest and lose weight the tasty way.

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