Passionate: 6 Habits Of Highly Passionate Person(2023)

Here are 6 habits of highly passionate people:

1. They are in touch with their deeper motivations and core values.

Passionate people understand that passion is connected to our deeper, intrinsic yearnings. We want to be loved, feel purposeful, express ourselves, and many other universal desires. We all have core values we hold dear, those guiding principles that help us make important decisions. When we are in touch with these yearnings and values, we have a framework for defining and living our passion.

2. They take risks.

Passionate people recognize that seizing your passion can be risky. Very few things in life come with a guarantee. But if you have done your research and testing with your possible passion, at some point you must take a leap of faith. Nothing extraordinary in life ever happens without taking that leap.

3. They tolerate uncertainty and discomfort.

Taking risk is uncomfortable and unnerving. No matter how much due diligence you’ve performed, discomfort and uncertainty are part of taking risk. Passionate people must make some uncomfortable decisions, such as making choices others don’t like, saying goodbye to parts of their old life, and challenging themselves to do something new. But passionate people understand that this part of the process, and they take action even if the face of discomfort.

4. They learn to prioritize.

Passionate people understand commitment to their dream. To live your passion, you must focus on it with clarity and experience it thoroughly. You can’t do this if you are pulled in many different directions and have a plate full of other distractions and interests. Passionate people are laser-focused on the few most important things in their lives and are diligent about letting go of others — even some things they like and enjoy.

5. They recognize and seize opportunities.

Passion creates opportunity, and passionate people always have one eye trolling for chance opportunities. These opportunities could broaden their experience or lead them to new passions. They understand how one’s passion rarely takes a linear path, so they allow themselves to enjoy the detours and available options.

6. They expect positive outcomes.

Passionate people expect things to work out in their favor. They have the attitude that “this or something better” is happening for them. Because they love what they are doing, they have a positive expectation about where their passion will take them. They even view failures as part of the passion adventure.

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