Rules On How To Talk At A Party

Rules On How to talk at a party

Here are a few sneaky moves that are sure to get everyone to think highly of you. But remember, one wrong move and you may end up shooting yourself in the foot.

Appear busy

Appear busy when you go out to a party. Even if you’ve got no plans, call a few friends from your phone and have a chat with them when you don’t have company. People always think highly of a person who appears busy even while partying!

So call people up one after the other, until you’ve created enough of the I’m-the-busiest-party-animal alter ego for yourself.

Brag and toot your own horn

This can either be your Houdini move to break your unpopular shackles into the limelight or your spot under the guillotine. But you still need to learn to brag when you’re networking.

When you’re at a party, people around you want to hear interesting deeds of power or gossip. If you’re ever able to bump into a bunch of power party people, and if you can blend into their conversation and add some pointers convincingly, even if they’re quite farfetched, you’d have all the people around you lapping it up in delight.

Don’t think you can brag too well? Then add bits of information that you’re sure of, and wait for someone else to take it further.

You secretly know that GloboCorp is selling out 40% of its stakes, let the others know about the rumor that the organization is selling itself out, along with your professional views. Or do you know that the C.E.O of Imawanker Corp. is having an affair with his secretary and his wife knows nothing about it, tell the whole world the fact in dramatic hushes. Of course, you can add the detail that you heard it from someone else.

Believe me, even if they sound uninterested, you would surely see all ears around you dart out like antennas! Party people and socialites who want to network want nothing more than a bit of gossip. Trust me.

Look important

Looking important is one of the most important things in knowing how to talk at a party. Party people want to be around people who are important. And important people usually carry along with them, the swagger of impatience and a hint of arrogance. They don’t always direct it at everyone around them, but at people who make mistakes.

Of course, a busy, important person didn’t get successful by being nice to people who make silly mistakes. So if you’ve ordered a drink fifteen minutes ago, and it still hasn’t reached your table, call out to your waiter, sit back and remind him about your drink, very clearly.

Even when you meet and talk to your favorite celebrity, look interested but at the same time, look around and slacken yourself a bit. Make your conversation mates push themselves to talk to you once in a while. Nothing can make people believe that you’re really important better than this one move!

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