Cons To Networking At A Party

How to start networking at a party

There are a few things you should know before you hit the street to paint the town red. For starters, it’s always the finer aspects that you should focus on, if you want to be taken seriously.


Dress appropriately. Never overdo it. If you’ve got a good body, wear something that will emphasize it rather than reveal it. And guys, lose the body-fit-shirt-silk-pants combo.


Yep baby, you need wheels. A good one. Don’t take your broken down jalopy to a party. And don’t even dream of going there on two wheels. No one goes clubbing in a two wheeler. If you have a car that’s war-wounded on the road, see if you can park it in a distant corner, so you can take a quick walk into the lounge or star hotel. As long as you carry yourself off the car with dignity, you’d still be able to shine yourself off the black soot and glow in the party.


When you’re trying to network at a party, you need to behave in a comfortable manner. Be open to meeting people, but sit back and watch others around you calmly.

Don’t ever make it look like you’re trying to scrutinize another woman’s attire or a man’s conversational abilities. It would only make meeting new people a lot harder, and other people may avoid you like a cold sore. Most importantly, one of the clear giveaways that you’re a nervous beginner is when you start fidgeting, tugging or wiping sweat beads off your forehead.

Learn to stay calm and look confident when you’re out trying to network at a party.

Knowing how to talk at a party and network the right way can make a big difference in your life and career. A party isn’t just an excuse to meet the opposite sex. It can help you create a career too, as you’ve read in the introduction on party networking.

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