Partner Yoga: Benefits Of Partner Yoga In Your Relationship(2023)


What is partner yoga

Most people are aware of acro yoga, wherein one person extends support to another to facilitate better movement. Kamra says that partner yoga isn’t really the same, although it does involve partners helping each other to improve their stance.

“We try and customize their programme based on their goals. The whole idea here is that a person devotes this one hour of self-love with their partner. During this time, the couple spends time together, understands each other better, falls together, giggles on the mat, and so much more. All in all, it is a lot of fun. It also brings to the fore the vulnerabilities of each individual. In a nutshell, couples experience a flurry of emotions in a one-hour partner yoga class,” she explains.

Kamra also believes that in the process, couples develop more respect for each other. That’s also because they have socialized together, but not worked out in any manner.

Yoga can boost communication. 

Do relationships improve with partner yoga?

Kamra is quick to respond to this. “They absolutely have. When we do an onboarding call with the couple to understand their requirements, we get an insight into their routine. What we have seen (almost always), is that the male does manage to work out more regularly, while the women are relegated to domestic responsibilities. They want to head out and take charge of their well-being, but feel stuck within the confines of their homes.”

With the help of partner yoga, these women are able to break away from these shackles, and make little accommodations to devote this time to better health and well-being. What’s more, they spend this time with their partner, which makes it even more worth it!

“Women are inherently more patient, and when their partners see this quality, especially while working out, the impact is altogether different. Also, there are so many couples, some of who have been married for years, felt conscious about showing their weaknesses to their partner. When they work out together, they also shed those inhibitions, and feel closer to each other,” says Kamra.

She also recalls certain incidents where couples have had an argument right before class (their expressions show), but even then, they DO not miss out on their classes.

Let yoga be your companion for life! 

Is it the same with celebrities?

During the last two years, Kamra has seen a drastic improvement in the bond of couples, thanks to partner yoga. She says the impact of this exercise is similar, even in the case of celebrities. The only difference is that because they are always under the arclights, they do not get enough time with each other.

“There is immense stress and anxiety among celebrities, especially because of the nature of their job. But what’s amazing is how they still devote this one hour to their partners, and enjoy the process. I’ve seen them cheering for their partners, every time they perform something well. The whole idea is to focus on each other’s well-being. Even if they are in different locations, they prioritize doing yoga with each other,” she concludes.

As they say, couples who work out together, stay together!

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