Partner With Anxiety Issues! 6 Ways To Deal With Partner With Anxiety Issues In 2023

6 Tips To Deal With A Partner With Anxiety Issues

If you have a partner who is prone to anxiety, here are some ways recommended by the expert.

1. Learn to not take it personally

You, as a coping partner, should stay aware that your partner’s anxiety has nothing to do with you. Also, there could be heated moments between the two of you, and anything said by your partner under restlessness is not actually meant by them.

Understand your partner’s condition and don’t take fights with them personally. 

2. Set boundaries around how it’s okay to treat you

Your partner might try to encroach on your boundaries under the effect of anxiety. Learn to set clear boundaries around your space so that your partner learns to deal with them even if he/she is struggling.

3. Providing meaningful validation and support

You can say things like, “I’m not sure what to say right now… but I love you”, “I’m not going anywhere”, “I get that everything feels really big right now. How can I help you feel safe?”, “Even when you’re struggling. you are still my favorite part of the day.”

Words of validation are as important as loving actions. 

4. Address their needs

When you’re dealing with a partner struggling with anxiety, it is essential that you do or say things that your partner needs during those struggling moments. You may ask your partner directly about anything you can do to provide some reassurance that makes them feel safe.

5. Taking your space when needed

As much as you should be with your partner, you should also take your own space when you feel overwhelmed. Take your time to recover back with better energy.

6. Understand that it’s not yours to fix

Your partner’s anxiety is not yours to fix. You can only provide the means and support to help them in their healing journey.

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