7 Signs You May Be Falling Out of Love From Your Partner


1. You feel nothing/numb in response to the other’s romantic gestures. You don’t want to feel cold toward your partner, but you feel nothing in response to his or her romantic gestures other than, at best, a modest degree of appreciation or, at worst, irritation.

2.Your humor no longer matches that of your spouse/partner. What used to make you laugh now makes you either roll your eyes or fight the impulse to do so. And what was once a refreshing difference from your accustomed humor now sounds banal or juvenile — or too arrogant or sarcastic.

3.You find it easier to argue and play devil’s advocate. When you feel less defined by someone’s feelings toward you than by your own reawakening sense of self, you’re more likely to challenge them — verbally or otherwise.

4. You prefer your own company to that of your spouse/partner. Whereas before you looked forward to spending time with your spouse or partner, now — given a choice — you’d rather do your own thing. And you’d rather do it alone, thanks. Or maybe you’d rather spend time with someone else, like a sympathetic family member or friend.

5.You no longer feel an obligation to do some of the things you used to do for your spouse/partner. You once felt it was your duty to prepare your partner’s lunch or ensure there was plenty of your spouse’s favorite food in the fridge. You now feel ambivalence about whether or not your spouse/partner has everything just the way he or she likes it.

6.You’re less likely to let your spouse get his/her way all the time. And you don’t let him or her speak for or make decisions for you. Now that you’re reasserting your independence from your spouse/partner, you’re more likely to advocate for your own perspective on a problem or conflict you share.

 7.You wonder if you’ll ever feel strongly attracted to your spouse/partner again. You might even wonder if you ever did. Your sexual or romantic interest may depend entirely on whether or not you feel a deep personal connection with your spouse/partner.



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