Parkinson’s Disease: Common Symptoms Of Parkinson’s Disease(2023)

What are the common symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease?

The common symptoms include slowing movements, resting tremors, stooped posture, and stiffness, which progressively results in social isolation and significantly affects the quality of life.

Individuals diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease initially start with medical management to maintain the correct dopamine levels in the nervous system. Despite medical therapies and surgical interventions for Parkinson’s, patients develop progressive disabilities.

Every year on April 11, the world observes Parkinson’s Day.

The role of physiotherapy is to boost functional ability and reduce complications through movement rehabilitation. The ultimate objective is to promote independence, safety and well-being, thereby enhancing quality of life.

Exercise is rather beneficial for Parkinson’s patients. But physical therapy, in particular, offers a promising solution. A professional equipped with the right skills can guide you through the right movements to increase mobility, strength and balance.

Parkinson-specific evidence-based physiotherapy protocols have been proven to achieve better outcomes.

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