Parenting Your Parent? Watch Out For These Symptoms Of Parkison’s Disease(2023)


If you have taken charge of your elderly parents’ health, you’d know that one of the most common diseases that is associated with aging is that of Parkinson’s.

While the symptoms of full-blown Parkinson’s disease (PD) are easy to identify, many people aren’t able to diagnose the disease when it is setting it because it is difficult to identify these symptoms at an early stage.

From stiffness of muscles and slowness of all activities to tremors, the symptoms of Parkinson’s need medical assistance.

Dr Madhuri Behari, Professor and Head, Department of Neurology, Fortis Hospital, however, helps you to identify these at an early stage.

Watch out for pre-motor symptoms
Pre-motor symptoms appear early and hardly are noticeable. Depression, constipation, acting out dreams during sleep (known as REM sleep behaviour disorder or RBD), and decreased sensitivity of smell perception are a few of its prominent symptoms. Hence, it’s important to watch your elderly ones closely and detect it on time.

Other symptoms to be watched with hawk eyes

  • Internal feeling of tremor
  • Bent posture on standing and walking
  • Festination while walking
  • Increased tiredness or fatigue
  • Absent or diminished facial expressions
  • Drooping neck and face
  • Tremulousness of hands

If you happen to have a family member affected with Parkinson’s disease, there is now a Deep Brain Stimulation option available for patients.

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