Pads And Tampons: Healthy Tips To Keep In Mind While Using Pads Or Tampons(2023)

Tips to keep in mind while using pads and tampons for heavy bleeding

Even though there are many period products, sanitary pads and tampons are the ones that are widely used by women every month. To use them safely and comfortably, there are several points to keep in mind –

1. Choose the right absorbency

Select a pad or tampon with the appropriate level of absorbency for your flow. For heavy menstruation, you’ll likely need a high-absorbency product. Pads usually come in different sizes and thicknesses, while tampons have different absorbency levels, usually indicated by the number of drops or size.

2. Change frequently

Regardless of whether you use pads or tampons, it’s crucial to change them frequently, especially during heavy flow. Pads should be changed every four hours, while tampons should be changed every four to eight hours. Changing them regularly helps to prevent leakage and discomfort.

3. Practice good hygiene

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water before and after changing your sanitary product to minimise the risk of infection, Dr Gowthami tells Health Shots.

4. Comfortable fit

Ensure that your pad or tampon is positioned correctly. Pads should be centered in your underwear, while tampons should be inserted far enough (but not too far) into the vagina. If tampons are uncomfortable or painful, try a different size or type.

For extra protection, especially during nighttime, you can use both a pad and a tampon or consider menstrual cups as a backup option.

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