Olive Oil Vs Coconut Oil(2023)

Olive oil vs coconut oil for lips

Coconut oil is a favourite of many, as it guarantees soft skin (how to use coconut oil for skin). But Dr Mahajan says that compared to coconut oil, olive oil has more anti-oxidants. Coconut oil also feels heavier than olive oil, so some women might think that the former is not a great choice for lips. But the things is, numerous fatty acids found in coconut oil aid to maintain soft lips. It is essential for keeping your lips sufficiently moisturised and hydrated throughout the day. So clearly, coconut oil can help to keep your lips from becoming chapped or dry. Just apply some coconut oil on your lips and massage them. It will improve blood circulation and eliminate dead skin and the dry outer layer of your lips.

The fact is that olive oil and coconut oil are both good options for lips due to their hydrating properties. They also reduce pigmentation and that helps to have pink and rejuvenated lips.

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