Oh No! My Husband Has Low Sperm Count and Still Cheat

Dear Love Doctor,

I need your advise, please.

We have been married for three years without an issue.

I am medically okay but my husband isn’t.

Despite his azoospermia, he steal cheats recklessly.

Funny enough, i don’t know what he takes me for.

Imagine him trying to convince that he doesn’t cheat on me with them because the only thing he does is chat with them.


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Why would a married man be sexting and exchanging explicit pictures with ladies?

As if cheating isn’t enough, this man smokes like a dragon and would drink himself to stupor all the time.

It’s draining.

He has been on medications that required him to stop and he didn’t.

I don’t know how he was able to hide all these while we were dating.

I’ve spent hundreds of thousands on treatment for him but he doesn’t even see it as a thing.

I’m tired, Sir.

What should I do?

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