Oh No! I Caught My Wife In Bed With Another Man

Dear Love Doctor,

Good day, Sir.

Please, I need your advice.

I am actually what you’d describe as a real guy. I am rich, educated, attractive, cool.

And I can easily pass as every lady’s dream man — sorry if this sounds cocky.

But I recently caught my  wife in bed with another man.

Her reason is that the “devil pushed her to do it”.


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I am devastated, I don’t even know how to tackle this issue.

I am caught between leaving her with my son and taking my son and dumping her entirely.

Infact, I am considering the latter because I love my son but I don’t see myself wanting anything to do with her ever again.

I am so hurt.

She agreed that I satisfy her in bed and that I care and provide for her, but she went ahead to cheat!

What did I ever do wrong?

Please, what do I do now?

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