Oatmeal: 4 Best Ways To Eat Oatmeal In 2023


So, here are four ways in which you can easily include oatmeal in your everyday diet:

1. As A Snack

Who doesn’t like snacking? Everybody does, and especially if you are on a diet, the urge to snack on something is pretty hard to resist. Since oats are healthy and have high fibre, it serves as the perfect (and healthier) alternative to junk food. It also takes longer to digest, which can keep you full and keep your cravings in check. Moreover, according to research by the University of Massachusetts Medical School, fibre can help you lose weight. So, mixing it with seeds or nuts further enhances the benefits.

2. Oatmeal bowl

Have you seen those aesthetically pleasing oatmeal bowls all over Instagram? If yes, then it’s important to know that while the bowl is healthy, not everything you put in it is good for you. Do not add sugar, or even honey, if your aim is weight loss. Instead, to make it sweet, you can add bananas and berries. You can also add other fruits, milk, seeds and nuts to make it more filling and nutritious.

This oatmeal bowl will keep your hunger pangs at bay.
3. Try Oat Milk

If you are looking for a plant-based alternative to dairy milk, then apart from almond or soy milk, oat milk is also a great alternative. Oats are also high in calcium and the ones that are available in the market also contain protein and other essential vitamins. The great thing? It is low in calories, which will help you lose weight. But make sure you consume the unsweetened and unflavoured variety.

4. Oats Smoothie

If you are a smoothie person, then try adding some soaked oats to your favourite smoothie! Always prefer the plain one, as instant oats do come with added flavours or preservatives, which decreases the overall nutritional value. The best part is that it not only helps you lose weight, but it is equally delicious!

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