New To Gym:3 Exercises For Beginners(2023)

Here are 3 exercises for beginners:

1. Hip hinge movement

The muscles in the back of your body, such as the back muscles, glutes, and hamstrings, are strengthened through hinge action. A deadlift is the ideal demonstration of the hip hinge movement but it takes time to master the deadlift so it needs to be modified for a newbie.

Nagpaul says, “You can start with the door hip hinge where you will stand slightly away from a half-closed door with you facing against the door and trying to close it by bending forward and pushing it with your hips while keeping your neck, mid-back, and hips in a straight line.” It will help improve body posture.

2. Twist or rotation

Twisting or rotating is a relatively typical daily motion, such as when you turn in your chair to look behind you. This movement increases your body’s stability, strengthens your core muscles, and is crucial for greater performance and injury prevention.

The best exercise for learning the rotation movement is a cable wood chop. The transverse abdominis and oblique muscles are the focus of this exercise. It works out your back, shoulders, and leg muscles as well.

Twist offer amazing benefits. 

3. Push and pull

Pushing and pulling are opposite movements that require the use of different muscle groups. Nagpaul says, “During the push movement, you will use your chest, triceps, quadriceps, and shoulders. During the pull movement, you will use your back, biceps, and hamstrings.” Wall push-ups and deadlifts are great pushing exercises for a newbie and dumbbell rows are for pulling.

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