Never Ran Before? 3 Effective Tips For Beginners(2023)


We bring to you three tips that can help you adopt this healthy habit and begin your fitness journey:

1. Equipment

Power your runs with a pair of sturdy and comfortable shoes that provide good arch support and have a cushioned heel to absorb shock. Analyse which shoes work best for you, depending on ‘pronation’, which is the way your foot rolls when it lands on the ground. Also consider using loose and breathable clothing that gives you room to move.

2. Warm up,cool down and recover

A proper warm-up can improve blood flow to the working muscles, and reduce stiffness, potentially lowering the risk of injury. Moreover, a warm-up should ideally be active, which includes a walk or dynamic stretches for five to ten minutes. Very importantly, cooling down after your run will help bring your heart rate back to normal, which is critical to avoid injuries and you could consider walking for five to ten minutes after you work out to cool down. Also, before your next run, wait at least a day as your body needs to rest and adapt to pressure on the cardiovascular system, muscles and bones for the next run.

Stretch before you run. 
3. Start slow

As a beginner, don’t plan on running long distances in one go. Break it down into intervals and try to keep them short at the beginning and don’t shy away from walking between the intervals, so you can recover. Moreover, start running at a moderate pace and maintain the same pace for the entire distance. Consider alternating between two minutes of jogging and two minutes of walking, and increase your running intervals by one minute per workout until you can run the entire distance at a stretch without having to walk.

Just put your shoes on and begin your journey by keeping these simple but effective tips in mind. Happy running!

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