Never Exercise With Your Mask On! Health Reasons Why You Shouldn’t(2023)


1. Claustrophobia
Because you breathe heavily while you are exercising, there are high chances of you getting claustrophobic as the air supply might be restricted by your mask.

Do you know that recently in China, two young boys died while running laps for gym class. It was reported that both of them were wearing masks during the physical examination, according to 7News, an Australian news outlet?

2. Lower stamina and fatigue
“Stamina all boils down to the amount of oxygen you are inhaling while you exercise. If you are wearing a mask then, of course, your stamina will be on the lower side as you won’t be taking in as much oxygen as you must” says Dr Gadre.

Wearing a mask while running can lower your stamina by miles and bounds. 

3. Nausea
Lack of oxygen and breathlessness might also lead to nausea and dizziness.

4. Excessive sweating and dehydration
“When you keep on re-breathing the air you exhale it accelerates your heart rate due to which you sweat a lot. As a result, there are high chances that your body might dehydrate,” he says. He also suggests that staying hydrated during the summer is crucial.

5. Unconsciousness and irritability
“Although it is not very common, you can’t eliminate the chances of it. When you exercise with your mask on you are rebuilding the carbon dioxide levels in your body which can lead to unconsciousness,” warns Dr Gadre.

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