Networking At A Party

How to network at a party

We’ve heard that this is a small world, but how small is it really?

How many times have you wanted to meet someone, but couldn’t get a meeting fixed? Or how badly did you want to meet the celebrity who just signed you an autograph and didn’t look back once? You see, it’s not easy to meet interesting people when all of us are locked up in our office cubicles for almost the entire day.

But the world definitely does open up at dusk. People get home, deck up, and drive out to a watering hole in hordes. At this time of the day, you’re no different than the guy up on the twentieth rung of the ‘richness’ ladder who’s come down to relax over a drink, after work.

Meeting people at parties is like meeting new friends at a friend’s birthday bash. Designations and formalities are washed down with a drink, and it’s pretty much the time to unwind for everyone. Most new entrepreneurs who have just started off their organization rely more on making hierarchical contacts at cocktail parties rather than sitting in the receptionist lobbies of bigger organizations waiting for an appointment that would never come.

Party networking and meeting people at parties isn’t really one of the hardest things to do. When you’re attending parties initially, it may feel quite odd to be the loner standing at a party, and quite frankly, you may not really like partying very much to begin with. If you can relax at Starbucks alone, why can’t you do it at a swanky whisky club?

If the thought of hanging out alone is unbearable for you, then go with your partner or a friend.

As you attend parties more frequently, you would be able to recognize the different people who are regulars, the ones who just ‘hang out’, and the ones who come to establish contacts.

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