Neem Oil: Know The Constituents Of Neem Oil(2023)

Neem Oil

Neem or Azadirachta indica is a tree found in India. It has been used for centuries in the Indian subcontinent because of the many medicinal properties it contains. A study published in the Pharmacognosy Review found that neem has been used as a remedy to treat infections, pain, and fever. Since it contains antifungal, antibacterial and insecticidal properties, neem is a popular remedy used to combat lice, says Dr Rinky Kapoor, Consultant Dermatologist, Cosmetic Dermatologist and Dermato-Surgeon, The Esthetic Clinics.

Neem Oil, derived from the seeds of the neem tree, contains compounds like azadirachtin that are known to disrupt the life cycle of lice. It further suffocates adult lice and even inhibits the hatching of their eggs. In short, it is an effective remedy to get rid of lice.

Neem oil may work for some people, but its effectiveness can vary. Some individuals may find it helpful in combination with other lice treatments or as a preventive measure.

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