Neck Pain Stalling You Badly? Try Out The Dolphin Pose To See The Difference In 2023

Here are the step by step Instructions to get into the dolphin pose

1. Get into the tabletop position or marjariasana, spread your fingers wide apart and place the palms shoulder width apart.

2. Slowly bring your forearms down to the ground, tuck the toes under and lift the hips up towards the ceiling.

3. Pressing the forearms, fingers and the palms into the floor, press the hips up and back.

4. Continue to keep the spine straight

5. Feet must be hip width apart, with the toes facing forward.

6. To feel a stretch in the back of the legs, press the heels into the floor.

7. Try to keep the legs straight, or you bend the knees slightly to keep the back flat.

8. Allow the head and neck to hang freely from the shoulders; the forehead can rest on the floor.

9. Breathe and hold for two to six breaths.

10. To release from the posture, gently bend the knees and bring the hips back to the tabletop pose.

11. Exhale into balasana and rest.

A correct posture makes a whole lot of difference. 
Of course, dolphin pose has benefits
  • Dolphin pose opens the shoulders and upper back;
  • Lengthens the spine;
  • Stretches the hamstrings;
  • Builds upper body strength;
  • Stimulates the nervous system.

Please avoid this pose if you have a recent chronic arm, back or shoulder injury or inflammation,” warns Grand Master Akshar.

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