Nasal Vaccine: Effects Of Nasal Vaccine On Covid(2023)

How does the Covid nasal vaccine work?

Previously, people were getting inoculated with a vaccine filled with liquid, which was injected into their nerves. Now, Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical company Bharat Biotech has introduced the Covid nasal vaccine, which will be delivered through the nose.

Dr Mandrekar explained, “The nasal vaccine was recently introduced, which will work very well as a booster dose to improve immunity. It will also improve the immunogenicity of the nasal area which is exactly the area from where the Covid virus enters the body. It has had two trials – phase 1 and phase 2 so we are yet to see its impact on the larger population.”

Is Nasal vaccine effective against Covid-19? 

Nasal vaccine will be effective against new variants

With new variants resurfacing and leading the charge in countries like China, USA, and UK, India is also strengthening the curbs and making sure that the virus remains under control as has been the case for the past year. The introduction of new booster shots can be a boon in the midst of the rising concern.

Highlighting the effectiveness of the vaccine, Dr Mandrekar says, “As the new variant of COVID is surfacing, this nasal vaccine will be very effective. As most of our population has already been vaccinated, this sub-variant of omicron will not be very serious as we have already developed immunity against this virus.”

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