Narcissistic Emotional Abusive Behaviors To Be Cautious Of In 2023

Narcissistic behaviors can be over-powering if you do ot properly guard yourself.

What Is Emotional Depletion?

Emotional depletion is one of the mangled branches of burnout.

Being in a narcissistic relationship has the trademarks of an ongoing rush of emotions, rumination, and anxiety.

You become emotionally depleted trying to salvage a relationship that was doomed to fail but you never saw coming.

It’s not just the heartbreak you experience during and after a narcissist relationship. It’s the whiplash of love, rejection, and uncertainty that truly throws your nervous system out of whack.

Being emotionally worn down can change your mental state, physical health, and behavior patterns.

Depression after narcissistic abuse is not surprising, given everything you went through. There are also long-term effects of  narcissist abuse when trying to restore the emotional soul proves challenging.

This toxic relationship not only emotionally wrecks you while you’re in it, but a whole new level of emotional turmoil happens when you try to leave and for years to come.

What Are Some Narcissistic Emotional Abuse Behaviors?

It helps to know the items on the menu of your narcissist to identify them as early as possible.

Very few people are skilled enough to notice a narcissist before the emotional scars have set in.

    • Gaslighting: A narcissist will range from telling you you’re being dramatic to rewriting history. They are convincing enough to send your cortisone soaring as you wonder if you’re going crazy.
    • Discarding: Much of the emotional wreckage happens at this point, akin to the Titanic hitting the iceberg. With little or no rationale, the narcissist will break up with or disappear from their victims. No amount of begging and pleading for an explanation works.
    • Love Bombing: This is how they lure you in and set unrealistic expectations of the “love of my life.” Even when it’s emotionally overwhelming, victims can’t resist the attraction. This tactic is also used if the victim, uh, supply, is catching onto the narcissistic behavior.
    • Verbal abuse: From nitpicking everything you say, do, and wear to constantly putting you down to make themselves appear superior, there’s no love other than love bombing that comes from a narcissist. The love bombing is as  fake as the person dropping the bombs.
  • Manipulation in All Forms: A narcissist resorts to passive-aggressive behaviors, guilt-tripping, self-victimization, and emotional threats to get you to do what they want. Manipulation is one of their favorite tools to control you.

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