Myositis: Symptoms And Meaning Of Myositis(2023)

Meaning And Symptoms Of Myositis

What is myositis?

According to the National Health Service UK, myositis is a group of rare conditions which stems from the immune system.

It mostly involves weak, painful or aching muscles. And like most autoimmune conditions, it gets worse with time.

Dermatomyositis, said to be more common in women than men, can lead to weak muscles, inflammation and skin rashes. When children get this disease, it is called Juvenile dermatomyositis.

Polymyositis primarily causes muscle weakness and inflammation among adults.

Symptoms of Myositis

Myositis symptoms show up slowly and steadily, which is why identifying it and going for a diagnosis can sometimes get delayed. As per multiple medical organisations, some common symptoms of Myositis include weakness, swelling, and muscle damage.

This may show up in the form of difficulty while getting up from a chair or even climbing stairs. People may even experience frequent tripping or falls. Other complications may include rashes on the skin, difficulty in swallowing and general fatigue.

Treatment of Myositis

As per The Myositis Association, an organisation which aims to improve lives of those affected by the condition, medications, exercise and physical therapy, as well as complementary and self-care therapies, can alleviate the fight against Myositis.

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