My Wife Is Still Sleeping With Her Ex – I’m Heartbroken

Dear Love Doctor,

It all started when we were dating.

I live in the same street with my wife’s ex not knowing that they were still having sex.

Knowingly or unknowingly, she opened up to me and to be fair to God and to man, she lost 70% of my love, trust and respect.

After sometime, we came back to normal but within me I was still very much in pain. Right from the very first day I approached her, I informed her of my intentions to marry her and I acted on it, I don’t know what prompted her behaviour.

Fast forward to January 16, 2022 when we did our introduction, everything went well to the glory of God but she went back to her so-called ex.


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She stated that she couldn’t have her introduction without informing him because they’re family friends and that her family knew about him even before I came along.

Her relationship with this ex went on and on and I was left with no choice than to take the easiest path towards unwind.

Yes,I’m now keeping a relationship outside my matrimonial home and that’s where I find peace now.

I have so much lost feelings for her that if If she’s to get tired and decide that she wants to divorce me, then I’m in.

A marriage of a year and a few months shouldn’t be anything like this, but she sowed this seed and she’s reaping it.

So Love Doctor, was her behaviour worth it or did I overreact?

Is it excusable for a married woman to still be seeing her ex?

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