My Uneducated Boyfriend Sent Me to School But I Don’t Love Him

Dear Love Doctor,

Please Sir, I really need your advice.

I met my boyfriend then when I was in my 20s. I was in my first year in college.

Then, he was working as an apprentice in a mechanic workshop. Now, he has his own workshop with boys serving under him.

He has been the one responsible for my bills: tuition fees, accommodation, textbooks, everything.

The issue now is that I am no longer interested in him or the relationship.

I recently met a promising young man who resides outside the country and he happens to be everything I want in a man and more.


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He has promised to return by December and make his intentions of marrying me known to my family.

I don’t know how to approach the first guy on this issue.

He will be furious and would probably curse me and call me an ingrate.

He also has intentions of seeing my people by December but I don’t see a future with him.

Not only is he uneducated, he has a poor fashion sense. I am not even proud of how he looks.

Truth is, we’ve never had sex because he wouldn’t want to impregnate me and make schooling tougher for me.

I’ve tried to seduce him severally but he puts up resistance.

Since this ASUU strike commenced,  he  has been pressurizing me to acquire a skill as a contingency plan and that he will sponsor.

I don’t want him to spend on me anymore because I don’t have any intention of settling down with him, hence I’ve been avoiding him.

Please, what can I do?

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