My Sister’s Husband Is a Psychopath – Please Help!!!

Dear Love Doctor,

Sarah is my elder sister. She had son before getting married to Michael last three years.


Since he got married to my sister it’s been one story to another everyday. When my sister gave birth, he left her with no food nor money in the hospital for two weeks. Thankfully, his family are really nice to her, so they took care of her and her baby.

I had to travel to Port Harcourt that period because my Mom was really sick and I was heavy myself, but I had to help her out in my own way.

Throughout my stay there I observe how inhuman her husband was.

The food items my mom gave me when I was traveling was what we were eating. He spent the better part of his time around cursing and raining abuse on her even in my presence. His family members are aware of this and they’re not in support of his behaviour.


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Few days after, he came to take my sister’s baby away from her without any reason whatsoever. What he intended to do with a few weeks old child is what I couldn’t figure out. It took the police to stop him from taking the baby from her.


I intend to call and refund him the money he paid as dowry. He’s mentally unstable and I wouldn’t want my sister staying with such person with her baby.

Sometimes, he’ll curse her endlessly because the baby wasn’t his and that she was sleeping around and got pregnant and fell back on their marriage to cover her abominable acts.

All these rants, he has no authenticity of nor proof.


Love Doctor, I sincerely want their marriage to come to an end. My sister is married to herself. That man is too irresponsible to be called a husband.

They’ve been married for three years and ever since, she has been the one taking care of herself and now baby with her paltry salary.


He has disgraced her severally. He went as far as going to her work place to tell every ear that cared to listen that she was a wayward wife who does nothing but sleep around and bring shame to him.

The issue has lingered for a long time, my sister doesn’t worth a grain of salt to her colleagues and neighbours.


Please, the marriage already dying a natural death if not already dead, so what should we do?

Returning his bride price might not be the best approach, what do you advice?

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