My Mother-in-law Is Angry When My Hubby Gives Me Money

Dear Love Doctor,

I got married in 2020 to a very calm and quiet man. We never dated even for a day, we only went into prayers, took the necessary tests and decided to tie the knot.

Another thing that appealed to me was his devotion to God and his works.

After our marriage, I got pregnant the same year but I lost the child. Now I am pregnant and I will put to bed any moment from now hopefully.

50% of my pregnancy stages I wasn’t at peace with my mother-in-law. It’s either we quarrel and settle up with constant reminders that when she came the house was leaking water everywhere, I should be joyful that everywhere has been tiled up now.

My husband gave money to cook but she’s angry saying that her son is supposed to have given her the money so that she’ll do the shopping and cooking.

My husband has stopped me from working. I am a teacher, and this is because of what happened with the previous pregnancy.

Recently, I traveled to my family house because I was badly hungry and she knows that there’s no available food but she kept quiet what I drank was pap #50 in the morning.


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I waited till the evening before I went to buy some stuff to prepare local soup.

While at it, tears ran down my eyes as I remembered that in my own parent’s house I never experienced such except for when I was in school. I picked up my phone and called my mom and she told me to come.

I informed my mother-in-law who was in the house with me and she didn’t utter a word. The next morning when I was supposed to leave, she responded to my greeting with “Yes!

Good morning to you too, I am alive. I didn’t die.” I was still aghast because her response was vague and unusual then she proceeded to rain abuses on me and my family.

She stated that if I leave her son’s house that I shouldn’t bother coming back because I am a liability. She said that I don’t do anything for her, I don’t work her farm, sieve cassava, pick palm fruits, or fetch goat weed.

Her words really got to me because I was broken beyond doubt. I cried my heart out.

Truth is,  In my parents house, we don’t rear goats or even have a farm. She knows this and didn’t even acknowledge my effort after I worked with her in her three farms, and that too with my bump.

Love Doctor, my husband is not the talking type and he doesn’t communicate with me like he does with his mother.

My Dad had to summon him and tell him to get an apartment for us to move into as soon as I deliver my baby but I am certain his mother will kick against that and he listens to her.

What should I do?

How do I convince him to heed to my father’s advice because I am fed up?

This woman expects a lot from my heavy self and has sworn to make my life hell.

Please, what should I do?

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