My husband Wants Me to Stop Work And Be a House wife

Dear Love Doctor,

I am married with a son.

I have been a Sit at home Mom for years now.

I graduated from school five years ago and I recently got a job. It is a Government work which requires me to work only once a week.

My husband has never been comfortable with the idea of me working. He said that I should stop working because he had intentions of opening a store for me at the village.

The idea sounded out of place because we reside several states away from the village and we visit only during festive periods. During these festive visits, he doesn’t even come with us, just my son and I.

I immediately kicked against the idea.

I asked why in hell he’ll wanted to send us to the village and stay back in the city doing only God knows what.

I clearly stated that I wasn’t buying the idea and that was on period.

I went on with my work and that was it.


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So the other day, he told me that henceforth we should not be eating from the same pot. That I should take up the responsibilities since I was now the man of the house.

He added that I should never leave to anywhere with his son ever again because he was going to employ someone to be taking care of his son while I worked as the man.

I informed him in all calmness that no woman will ever take care of my child while I was alive.

I stared that I carried him inside of me for 9 consecutive months without the so-called child caregiver’s help or assistance. I pushed in the labour room all by myself without her help so it wouldn’t happen.

I almost lost my life in the process and the child caregiver wasn’t there to witness that. He now said that if I left for work that I shouldn’t bother returning to his house again.


Please Sir, I need your advise because I am tired of staying idle and i can’t leave my work.

I have tried having a conversation with him concerning opening the store over here but he insisted it must be at the village.


Please what should I do?

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