My Husband Now Chase Small Girls, What Should I Do?

Dear Love Doctor,

I have been married for nine years and I am blessed with four wonderful children: three boys and a girl.

My husband and I has been living peacefully ever since we got married.

However, he went for an outside work and spent two year over there. This was something that he only spent 4 months on just so he could visit and spend time with us before going back.

When he came back last year, I noticed lot of changes in his lifestyle. For example, before he doesn’t mingle with friends but now he keeps friends, spends more time in beer parlor.

As though that wasn’t enough, he started to womanize. He did this to an extent he almost slept with his cousin that stayed with us.


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Meanwhile, when he was away from us, I discovered that there was a lady he was seeing over there. He told all manner of lies; that he was not married.

I decided the call the lady and find out. We discussed woman to woman and she told me everything that was going on between them. She told me that he even promised her marriage and suggested that they did blood covenant.

I told her the whole truth and apologized on his behalf.

I proceeded to call his parents and inform them of what their son were doing. They were against his behaviour but pleaded that I take it easy on him if he pleads with me. When he pleaded, I forgave him.

After some time, he started misbehaving again. Now, he goes after small girls.

I have prayed about it and all but it doesn’t see ti be coming to an end anytime soon.

I have treated STDs twice and I’m just tired if the whole thing.

Love Doctor, please advise me on how to go about this issue.

I want my peace back.

Please, sir.

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