My Husband Has a Low Sperm Count Yet Blame Me For Not Giving Birth

Dear Love Doctor,

I got married last year, and months into the union I noticed that my my husband keep telling his friends that I cannot get pregnant because I’m too fat.

Truth is, he has low sperm count and I haven’t told anyone that knows us about this but he goes about telling everyone around us that I have fibroid and he won’t continue with me if I don’t get pregnant soon.

I seriously need advice but I’m doubting that he loves me.

If I ask him to lend me money to enable me offload my goods he will refuse.


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I use money from my shop to cook when ever he says there’s no money with him. He has never bought anything for me but I spend money on him.

I am in my mid 30s and I get frustrated by the day because of this.

What can I do, Sir?

I’m tired and confused, please help!

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