My Husband And His Ex Recently Reconnected: What Should I Do?

Dear Love Doctor,

My husband’s ex contacted him a while ago.

While he was on the call his happiness knew no bound, he added that she had made his year and promised to call her back.

Ever since, he has been doing hide and seek calls here and there he even texts her every now and then.

He went ahead to add passwords to his phones and carries them everywhere.

I asked him what is going on and he said nothing.

From their texts that I was able to go through, his so-called ex is married but is having issues with her husband. From what I understood, they are already separated.

I’ve told him how I feel about the new development and he didn’t utter a word. A few nights ago, he was in our son’s bedroom making calls as usual. When I tiptoed to know what he was about, he abruptly ended the call.


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I wasn’t in the mood to talk so I gave him a demeaning stare and left.

Sir, what should I do?

I don’t understand why a woman who can’t hold her home together will turn to shatter some else’s.

This ex of his was his University sweetheart.

They had intended to marry but it didn’t work out because her parents refused to let it happen.

How do I approach this situation?

I’m losing my mind over this and that is exactly what she wants and I can’t let it happen.

Please, help.

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