My Husband Accused Me of Discriminating Against My Step Sons

Dear Love Doctor,


I am married to a widower with 2 sons and I have a son too.

My step kids are 14 and 10 years old while my son is 10 years as well.


Honestly speaking, I took these boys like my biological children. I’m doing my best for them as a mother even my siblings treat them as my children including my mother.

However, something happened recently and I want to know if I had misstepped in order to take corrections. My steps sons like breakfast and they eat very fast but my son doesn’t like breakfast. In fact, he is not a food person. I have bought multivitamins severally because of that but nothing changed, hence I decided to let him be with his appetite.


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The other day, I gave them food and he refused to eat. His step brothers finished their own.

On our way to church, he was yet to eat anything and our closing time was 2pm so I bought snacks and a soft drink for him.

Truthfully, that was my first time of ever doing such. I buy things for them equally just like my husband does.


When we got to the church he showed his Dad what I got for him. My husband enquired of him who had given him those and he said I was the one.

My husband because furious.

He shouted at me in the public because I shouldn’t have bought anything for him since he had refused to eat.

When and he left me standing I refused to alter a word. When we reached where we sat down to wait for our own service time  I asked him why was he angry with what I bought for our boy he said I should not try it next time that I’m discriminating.

He stated that if I tried such next time he would do something I’ll regret my entire life.


I’m open to correction.

Was what I did wrong?

Was it discriminating?

How should I have handled the matter?


Sincerely speaking, I am unhappy with my husband for taking that way.

Did I do wrong by buying snacks for my child that didn’t eat breakfast?

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