My Brother’s Fiancee Warned Me to Stop Calling My Brother

Dear Love Doctor,

Before I got married, I used to get my brother things like boxers, shirts and trousers. After I got married, I noticed that my husband don’t have time to change his underwears. I made it a responsibility to change it for him from time to time.

Whenever I get for my husband,  I will get for my brother too, he is not married but he’s of age.

A few days ago, I gave him the new set of boxers I got for him as usual and in evening I received a call from the girl he introduced to us recently as his fiancee, warning me to stop buying things for her soon to be hubby.

I told her it was a wrong number and she called my name and resounded that my brother have a wife now who will buy boxers for him if he need it.

My brother have not even visited her family yet but I assured her that it was nothing.

She told me that things will soon change when they become official and ended the call.

I didn’t take as anything, until my husband informed me that she called him and told him to warn me to stay away from her man.

I was aghast. Like, I should stay away from my elder brother?


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Sincerely, I don’t have any thing against this girl but I’m a married woman and I won’t try any of the things she has done if my sister-in-law gets anything for my husband.

They’re not even married yet, just courting and I’m already getting a bad feeling about it.

She seems like someone who’ll rip the bond we share as a family apart just to mark territory and it is not even necessary.

My family accepted her wholeheartedly; my Mom have accepted her as a daughter even.

Please, what can I do to handle this issue?

I can’t let this slide and I know I don’t have any business with her so it’s either we call a family meeting or I talk to my brother.

Please, how do I go about it?

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