My Boyfriend Wants Me to Work For Him, Is It Okay?

Dear Love Doctor,

My boyfriend owns a restaurant and a lounge which I help out with whenever I’m on holidays or during strike like this.

I just finished my 300l going to final year and I told him about my plans to get a work to keep me busy since we’re yet to resume.

He told me that I wouldn’t do that because he won’t allow such. He stated that he was a business owner who could comfortably take care of me and wouldn’t want people thinking he was lazy or irresponsible when they see his woman working under an insensitive boss.

That it would be humiliating for him.


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He pays his employees 20,000 per month but has promised to pay me40,000 that I’ll keep helping him attend to customers and that way nobody will think of it as me working or anything like that.

Please how good is this arrangement?

My coursemate whom I told said it would result to a lot of insults and he’ll end up using me.

Is this true?

For the period I worked with him, though short, he has never disrespected me but I’m afraid of him starting to misbehave because I’m all over his face.

Please, what should I do?

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