My Boyfriend Is Too Bossy And Authoritative – What Should I Do?

Dear Love Doctor,

Please, what should I do?

I am a girl of 19 years and my boyfriend is 35 years, the gap between us could actually be a problem, but that would suffice later.

The issue here is that he is not here in Nigeria and he doesn’t have my time. No calls, no texts. We only chat whenever we find each other online.

I sometimes doubt his love for me because he doesn’t show any care of attention but is quick to shout at me over every little disagreement.


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A little while ago we had a series of disagreement because he requested that I put his picture on my Facebook profile so that all the boys who were making advances at me would back off.

I refused and he got really angry saying that I am too stubborn and all.

Recently, he demanded for my Facebook password to enable him have access to my account.

I said okay, let us exchange passwords and he became angry because I wasn’t just being stubborn but also challenging him.

Please, what should I do?

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